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Here at Driving lessons Isle of wight , we pride ourselves in tailoring our intensive courses to fit the individual. Here are a few examples of what we can offer to you, and what our courses involve:

    • All of our courses have the option of including your theory and/or practical test. If you have your test already booked please call http://drivinglessonsisleofwight.com/ and ask our friendly sales team as we may still be able to help.


    • We recommend the ‘Highway Code’ and ‘focus all’  test DVD, both of which can be purchased from our online shop, to help you pass your theory test. There is also a ‘Hazard perception’ DVD and ‘Know your traffic signs’ book. Click here to have a look for yourself: 


    • If you’re unsure as to how many hours you’d like, we can give you an assessment lesson which enables the instructor and yourself to see how close you are to test standard. All of our courses include a flexible amount of hours – if you take less hours than you have paid for then we can refund you any unused hours, subject to terms and conditions.


    • There is no specific way to take the hours, we make sure the lessons fit around your lifestyle up to your test date. We will cover evening, weekends, and daytimes, which ever suits YOU!


    • Once at test standard we offer a Test Cancellation service, where we will search for cancelled tests, so you can take your test sooner.


    • All of our courses receive full support from our office staff; they will book you your test so there is no hassle on your part. Your course can be full intensive (over a number of days) or semi-intensive (over a few weeks.) It all comes down to how you feel you learn best, and how you want to fit the course around your lifestyle.

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