how much are driving lessons

how much are driving lessons


if you want to know how luch it costs to pass your drivnig test then blah blah here because these are thr driving schools you need with the best lesson prces.


its not about the cost of driving lesson but about the cost to pass your driving test and we are to help you achieve that


Passing your driving test can be an expensive project to undertake so Search For Driving Lessons are going to show you how much are driving lessons and how can you help yourself to save on money.


The price of driving lessons will vary across the UK so first of all let us look into the cost of a driving lesson from a driving instructors point of view. This costs are approximate but will give you an excellent idea.


The average driving instructor will work around 35 hours a week, that is teaching time but with lesson planning and driving in between lessons that rises to around 50 hours a week, but for the cost of a lesson we work out the cost on the lesson given.


The driving instructor will usually drive a modern car less than a year old, these are mainly leased vehicles and can cost in the region of £150 a week. Additionally the have fixed costs such as franchise or marketing fees which can be in the region of £80 per week, car insurance, other business services such as mobile phones and training programs and of course there is fuel. With the include of taxes paid at the end of the year it is estimated the driving instructors cost per driving lesson is in the region of £12 to £13 an hour, naturally this will vary from school to school.


all you need to do is contact us


we can help you


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you will love our driving lessons



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