crash course driving lessons


The average learner driver needs 47 hours of driving, but to be fair if all learners did 2 hours a week and dont’t skip weeks that average would be closer to 40. Therefore with an intensive driving course we feel from our experience 35 hours is the average, however we are giving you 50 hours of driving before your driving test.




Once you have passed your driving test you will have post test lessons to do the things you cant do with L plates, this will test your skills, open your eyes and make you far safer. 




Finally you are provided with a 2 year driving licence warranty, so in the event of you feeling you might want some refresher lessons they are there for you. Overall our aim is your safety.


Driving can be immense fun and we’ll show you how to get the best out of your driving experience.




Our contact details are given alongside the price. This is not a cheap driving course, you can get those anywhere. Our training program is a cut above the rest and our prices do reflect that. Click here for all the information you need.

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