cheap driving lessons nottingham

cheap driving lessons nottingham




Having witnessed, as police officers, the tragedy caused by road traffic collisions, the    team puts safety firmly in the driving seat. 




11751778_1165117886836395_6024901671311029325_nwe are committed to educating all drivers who train with them to develop better attitudes towards their own safety as well as the safety of other road users.



Confidence is a key objective in learning to drive.  Before beginning to believe in your own ability to drive safely and well, it is essential to have complete confidence in your driving instructor.


we can be trusted to help all those who train with them achieve the confidence that will contribute towards a safe and enjoyable life-long driving career.

Here are 8 excellent reasons to place your confidence in learning with us:
    • Our instructors are monitored and supported by Directors who hold the top civilian driver instruction qualifications as well as the highest police driver qualifications.
    • Our instructors are friendly and encouraging.
    • Our instructors work as a team, sharing learningexperiences through regular meetings and sitting in on each others lessons.
    • Our pass rate is well above the national average.
    • We listen to learner drivers and can adapt and respond to their individual needs.
    • We are committed to continuous professional development.
    • We are always seeking to improve our services.
    • We are always open to innovative ideas.

After two instructors and more than a year and a half of taking lessons I still could not pass. I lost hope but still wanted to pass my driving test really badly. When looking for a new instructor I did a lot of research because I wanted to make sure that I am going to get someone who will help me to get through my driving. The whole team in Roadwise is amazing, they are very passionate about their job and there to help you whatever it is. Highly recommended to the ones who are only about to start or like myself who had a bad experience beforehand.


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