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3. Be sure to take regular driving lessons, this has got to be at least 2 hours per week every week. Skipping lessons and leaving a longer period of time in between driving lessons is going to cost you because you will forget what you learned in the last driving lesson. While it isn’t always possible, if you want a great way to reduce the number of driving lessons you need to pass your driving test then a two hour lesson every day will be perfect. However that is not always possible, but at least 2 hours a week. Don’t do one hour a week and don’t skip lessons because even if the driving lesson is cheap, taking loads of driving lessons and more then you needed will not be cheap.




4. Tell your driving instructor when you want to pass your driving test by and let your driving instructor create you a learning plan. This learning plan will give you a sharp focus, enabling you to concentrate on your lessons and your test.




5. After you have passed your theory test ask your driving instructor to book your driving test, then plan driving lessons accordingly up to your driving test.


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